Business Network Services

Mr. Computer has years of experience and specialization with the setup and troubleshooting of business computer networks. Whether you need a simple network or a robust, fault-tolerant and secure set up for your business, we can help.  If your network has been compromised, our expert technicians will identify issues and fix them quickly.   Because we know how important the performance of your network is, we respond quickly to restore your network and internet functionality to minimize downtime. 

Here are our networking services:

  •   Business Network/ Home Office Internet / Network setup (wireless & wired; DSL, Cable, Dial-up)
  •   Network Design, Maintenance & Support
  •   Network Administration
  •   Remote Access Server Management
  •   Email Setup (Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 email, etc.) & Troubleshooting
  •   Free Phone Consultation and Estimate
  •   Network Virus Detection & Removal
  •   Network Device Sharing & Printing (File and Printer Sharing between computers)
  •   Router, Switches, & Firewall configuration (we like Cisco ASA)
  •   Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Setup and remote Network Access
  •   Backup Implementation, Installation & Services
  •   Microsoft Exchange 2013 Email Servers Setup and Support
  •   Network Scanners
  •   Cloud Backup Services
  •   Microsoft Windows 2008/2012 Servers Setup and Optimization
  •   Windows 7/8 workstations configuration and repair

Phone Number - (915) 203-0030          Hours - 9:00-5:00 (Mountain Time)

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